can’t see your disk space in Finder window?

OS X Lion default doesn’t have the disk space option turned on in Finder.

Annoying, I know. 😐 but easy to fix, just one step 🙂

1. Select Finder, then go to View > Show Status Bar

Then you’ll be able to see your disk space:


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  1. Thanks!

  2. If after showing status you can’t see the disk space, just change the view (icon, list, column, coverFlow) and then change back. This will update the status bar at the bottom.

  3. thanks. Mountain Lions defaults are nuts! I’ve spent the last hour trying to make my new macbook more like a mac and less like a PC. No icons in the side bar etc. Who made these decisions in Cupertino?

  4. This doesn’t work for me, in Mountain Lion. The option is there – however, the status bar will not reappear.

  5. Thank you! You are the only person I found through google that identified this “remaining space” display problem clearly and gave an easy fix.

  6. Thanx! You saved me some time this morning…

  7. Thank you! I’m new to Lion, and not being able to see the disk space in the finder window was driving me nuts.

  8. Thank you VERY much, I spent the better part of the morning digging through the preferences looking for a way to get this back!

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