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OK, I gave it three days, but in the end I just can’t get along with Mail’s new look; it’s just too visually confusing for me. The good news is Apple didn’t desert its old users entirely. If you want to return Mail to its former glory, just go to Mail Preferences > Viewing and check the box at the top. That’s it, back to clarity! šŸ™‚

Mail Preferences:classic OS X mail view


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  1. Awesome!! thanks for this, I looked everywhere for the info until I just googled my simple question. for a person who gets 100 emails a day, the new view (let alone organizing things by conversation) was putting a serious stall in my productivity and driving me up the walls!

    I was soooo relieved when my mail snapped back to the easy and clear, lay out!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Thanks for the info! Spent too much time on Apple’s site and Mail help trying to find this feature. Why the heck does Apple say “If you prefer, you can use the classic layout from previous versions of Mail.” in Help and NOTHING more????? (Grrrr!)

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