get Kindle Cloud Reader for iOS/OS X

Well, you probably already have Kindle for iPad, but Amazon’s latest way to offer up your electronic texts, the Kindle Cloud Reader, could be the way of the future as far as non-App store developers are concerned.

Kindle Cloud Reader avoids the app store (and Apple’s 30% cut and other stringent conditions) by serving up your Kindle database through your web-browser. It’s basically a password protected web-site that also allows you to allocate offline storage space on your iPad or Mac OS (it’s not yet available for iPhone).

Amazon’s move follows in the footsteps of the Financial Times move in June this year to sidestep iTunes.

Cupertino, I think we have a problem…


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  1. Benoit Guillot

    I have a MacBook Air. I wonder if there is a way to share on Twitter something from the Kindle App (like a highlight)? I cant find a way to select a text from the Kindle App and share it on Twitter. Any help or advice will be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

    • You can select small parts of Kindle text and choose ‘search’, which will put that text in the Kindle search bar. You can then do Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy it, and paste it into a Tweet with Ctrl-V.

      • Benoit Guillot

        Thank you. I was hoping something “built in” like on the iPad, something like the lil share functionality when you highlight something. Well… thanks anyway! 🙂

        • That’s down to Kindle’s developers (i.e., Amazon) whether they want to allow the app to access sharing functions. IMO, there’s very little hope that Amazon will go down that road given their heavy-handed use of DRM.

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