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  1. I have tried this numerous times to no avail, kernel task still running wild. I have uninstalled all unnecessary programme, deactivated everything but iTunes helper on startup options. This problem started overnight after a year of running perfectly. It was about 6 months ago I installed lion with no problems to date. Uninstalled all office for Mac as syncservicemagent showed up alot on then consul. It works like a dream with kernel task at ~ 2% at all times on
    safe mode. It seems to be Internet usage that shoots it up to ~ 600 all of a sudden. I have rebooted my wifi modem. All above to no avail. My computer is almost unusable slow. CPU heat 30-31 c, ok I would imagine. Any help would be deeply appreciated!!

    • Hi Elena

      Have you actually tried re-installing Lion from the Recovery Disk? Doing so will leave your user accounts and files in place (but do backup as a precaution!) and just reinstall the system files. If you made a copy of the .dmg installer when you downloaded Lion for just this kind of thing, please do NOT use it. Reinstall from a fresh copy of Lion by using the Recovery Disk.

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