are keyloggers ethical?

I recently helped a user track down a keylogger on his computer. While this case was certainly one of being ‘snooped’ on (the keylogger had been installed on his own machine by a third party), this got me to thinking: are keyloggers ever ethical?

While they can be used for nefarious purposes (spying on your partner or colleagues, for example), they can also help you track down a stolen laptop, aid companies in detecting illegal behaviour or corporate espionage by employees, and help parents protect their children from internet pests.

Feeling conflicted, I thought the best people to ask would be you! So what do you think? Click on one of the options below and hit ‘vote’ to take the poll, and/or leave your thoughts in the Comments!


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  1. Jane Giesbrecht

    The very definition of spying is unethical in normal everyday life and circumstances; Oxford Dictionary:
    •to secretly obtain information on an enemy or competitor.
    •a person who keeps watch on others secretly:
    •(spy on) observe (someone) furtively:

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