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Generally, I like to keep browser extensions down to a minimum, but here’s an essential one if you are tired of all those ‘Clean your mac’ / ‘Speed up your mac’ ads on every website you visit. Download and install the Safari adblock extension from here:

What I like about this particular adblocker is that, if you go with the default filters, not only does it load your pages faster but it also reformats the page as if the ads were never even there, rather than leaving unsightly, blank placeholders in the page as some other ad filtering services do.

The extension is free, though you’re encouraged to donate if you appreciate the work done by the developer. 🙂

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  1. In which case I’d suggest just completing all of the steps through the procedure that you can (i.e., deleting any MacKeeper files that you DO find), then restarting your system.

    Check Activity Monitor to see if any MacKeeper processes are running, and use EasyFind to see if any MacKeeper files are still on your system.

    If the answer to both of those is ‘No’ then you look good to go, but do come back and let us know if you find MacKeeper reappears at any point.

    BTW, could I make a general plea to all readers who have problems with MacKeeper to take your questions over to the forum here:

    so that we can keep the knowledgebase on this problem all in one easily searchable place. Thx (sorry, I’m going to close comments on this thread to try to encourage this!).

  2. Yes, following your procedure, I chose my hard disc icon and went to my library holder, and then looked in my Application Support folder. And then…I got stuck.

  3. I actually installed the Mackeeper.pkg. and lost more than 2,000 files in a moment! I don’t know why my Application Support folder doesn’t have the MacKeeper folder. I’have looked at the Application S folder many times, but no. I got stuck at Step 4…What can I do…? Thank you very much for your help in advance.

    • Are you sure you’re looking in the right Library folder? There are at least three Library folders:

      Hard Disk > Library
      Hard Disk > System > Library
      Hard Disk > Users > [UserName] > Library
      (there will be an extra Library folder for every UserName in the Users folder).

      The one you’re looking for that should have the Application Support folder is the first of those three.

  4. Hi Phil,
    I downloaded ‘MacKeeper’ and desperately want to get rid of it. Following your procedure, I looked in the Application Support folder for the ‘MacKeeper’ folder, but there is no folder. Could you tell me what I should do? Thank you very much in advance.

    • Sounds like you downloaded but didn’t actually open and run the Mackeeper.pkg. Is that right? If so, just delete the .pkg file from your downloads folder.

  5. Thanks for spotting the typo. 🙂

    Fixed it!

  6. Hi Phil,
    Thank you so much for setting up this fantastic Mac info site & how to instructions.

    Please delete this part when your done:
    You might want to check out the spelling/grammar in this particular area: “is not only does it load your pages faster”.

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