unable to turn Bluetooth on or off

If Bluetooth is stuck in the on or off setting, this simple procedure should cure the problem.

You may have already tried clicking in the Status bar icon or the System Preferences pane; perhaps you even did a Restart, all without effect.

The surprisingly simple answer is:

Shutdown the mac, and power on again.

Shutdown works whereas Restart doesn’t because – unlike Restart – Shutdown puts the Bluetooth power manager through a complete power cycle.


More Bluetooth problems? Drop a comment below!


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  1. Thank you… my bluetooth is back on!

  2. Ps I also have a wired keyboard

  3. I have problem where I believe my bluetooth has blown on my imac. Suddenly nothing bluetooth is available or working and it now doesn’t show anything under bluetooth in the hardware profile. Can I bypass this component in the boot sequence and buy a wired keyboard. The reason I ask is bootup has shot up fron 30 or so seconds to 10 mins.

    • Hi Michael, try running the Apple Diagnostics test first and see what results you get.

      Information on how to do that can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH14291

      • Many thanks for the reply. I eventually got the apple diagnostic to work when I put the DVD in. The problem I now have is it starts to probe the hardware and 3 hours later it looks the same and I can’t run the tests. Do you have any advice on what could be causing this? It just looks like it’s frozen.

        • If you have a spare external hard disk hanging around, you could try installing OS X on it, then booting off that disk and seeing if the bluetooth devices are working. If so, you”re in luck and can just restore the OS on your internal disk.

          [EDIT: BTW, check the options on the Install DVD; you might be able to boot directly off that and check the bluetooth from there, saving the time of creating a whole new installation on an external disk].

          However, it might be a lot less time and trouble to take it into an Apple store and have them run diagnostics on it there. You’ll have to do that anyway if the test above shows the same problem.

      • Hi. I bit the bullet and took it into a apple approved retailer who said the could run a special diagnostic set. After a couple of hoes they got it to run and it rebooted itself back into the same cycle of 10mins before the apple screen arrives. They have convinced me to send it away to apple for further tests for 50 pounds. I will let you know what they say .

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