how to remove Dropbox green blobs

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 15.32.36

UPDATE: this method should no longer be necessary. See the Comments below for the latest.

If like me, you’re not impressed with Dropbox drawing huge green blobs all over your Finder windows without even asking, here’s a great tip from Zackary Corbett for getting rid of them. Run the following line in Terminal:

pluginkit -e ignore -i com.getdropbox.dropbox.garcon

And you’ll be blessed with some visual peace and quiet:
Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 15.33.25
If you want to reverse the effect and enjoy the green blobs again, use this line:

pluginkit -e use -i com.getdropbox.dropbox.garcon

Thanks Zachary 🙂


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  1. beatrixwillius

    The tip worked great for a while. But since a few days it works only a few moments and then the ugly green blobs show up again.

    • Hi, yeah, I noticed that, too.

      You could try disabling the Dropbox Finder extension here:

       > System Preferences > Extensions

      Update: apparently Dropbox have added an option in Dropbox Preferences to disable Finder integration. You’ll need v2.10.49 or later.

      They’re claiming it’s a bug in Yosemite. Personally, I’m unhappy with the amount of unauthorized changes the makes behind the scenes anyway, and so I’ve uninstalled it.

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