Script Editor battle

Here’s a short video showing some of the differences between Apple’s own Script Editor and my DisplayDroid.

If you haven’t got 5 minutes, the highlights include:

DisplayDroid shows result of each line of the script
DisplayDroid offers more informative error messages
DisplayDroid has automatic language detection (between AppleScript and JavaScript)
DisplayDroid allows you to set a breakpoint on any line in your script
DisplayDroid lets you step through the script line by line


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  1. Thanks Beatrix.

    To be fair, Script Editor has some strengths that DD doesn’t (notably, Events and the Dictionary viewer); I’m planning a more powerful script editor app further down the line that will add those, but first I want to improve the error handling and pre-compiler routines I’ve started to build into DD.

    There should be plenty of updates to DD over the coming weeks that offer a lot of improvements in those areas.

  2. Looks very nice. Yes, the Script Editor is always frustrating to use. Script Debugger is so much nicer. But I need script debugging only every couple of months. So I’ll give your new app a try. With the name I thought that it had something to do with Android.

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