If you would like your OS X installation optimised to take into account your unique workflow, I can provide tailor-made scripts and/or customised software solutions to meet your professional or personal needs.

Contact me to optimise your Macs

App Development

If you need a software developer to create an app for the OS X platform, please contact me with your requirements. I will work up a rough model to get an idea of what would be involved in providing you with an optimal solution, and get back to you with a quote.

Contact me for software application development

Technical Support

This site was born out of a need to provide technical support as a result of massive changes brought to Mac OS X in July 2011 with the introduction of OS X Lion 10.7. Over the years, I’ve moved more towards scripting and app development, but I’m still happy to provide free technical support responses on the blog. If you have a question about how to solve some issue with OS X, feel free to drop me a line. You never know, it might just become the subject of my next post! If I’m not able to help, you can always get more advice from Apple Support Communities.


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