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remove leather-look from iCal and Address book

It is not often that Apple have a design disaster, but frankly someone needs to hang their head in shame over the nasty leather-look skin for the new iCal and Address book.

I didn’t really use these utilities much in Leopard, so I probably wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the fact that the new iCal has a very handy ‘Day view’ (see the first shot below), which basically means you can use it as a To-Do list or scheduler much more easily than the old one. Inputting events at a certain time is also really easy and just requires you to click on the time on the page. The only downer being that nasty “leather-look” skin:

However, thanks to this great post from MacNix, you can now change the skin back to the default Apple silver/platinum style but keep all the new features. Thanks MacNix, that’s a real eye-relief!

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